Our home at Hope for Mityana Street Children and Orphans came about because of one little girl. As I was passing through a place here in Mityana called Buswabulongo, I noticed an orphaned child begging on a roadside. A passerby gave her some money, and she was so eager to buy food that she ran to get to the shop. As she crossed the street, she was knocked down by a car. That moment touched my heart, and I promised, from then on, to share the little I have with children like her. – Lawrence Kizza

Our staff members are all local residents of the district of Mityana. We volunteer our time, and work outside the orphanage to raise the money to feed, shelter and otherwise care for the children who show up at our doorstep.

Lawrence Kizza


Lawrence Kizza was born and raised in Mityana. He is inspired by a deep, Christian faith to serve those in need. Witnessing the devastating impact of poverty in his community, he decided to found a home for those most vulnerable: children who were surviving on the streets. He established Hope for Mityana Street Children and Orphans in 2016.

Email: kizzalawrence42@gmail.com

Doreen Munvaneza


Doreen Munvaneza works as a store manager, and volunteers her time at the orphanage. She is a kind and compassionate caregiver to the children.

George Lwanyaga


George Lwanyaga is the volunteer secretary for the orphanage. When his close, childhood friend suggested the idea of a home for displaced children, he was eager to help. As a devout Christian, he too felt it was his responsibility to give back to those in need, and has been devoting his time and effort ever since.

Victoria Mubiru


Four years ago, Victoria Mubiru heard about the orphanage and came to offer her help. She not only dedicates her time and energy as a caretaker to the children who live here, but brings with her a mother’s warmth and love.

 Tinah Kaayi


Tinah Kaayi is the coordinator at our orphanage, and she is responsible for supplying basic needs from the market. We are grateful for her steadfast dedication.

Margaret Nakivumbi


Margaret is a caregiver for the children. She was born in Mityana, and cares deeply about her community. She volunteers her time and energy to mother and nurture the children who turn to us.

 Samuel Talemwa


Samuel Talemwa performs the liturgy. We are strong believers in the strength and mercy of Christ. Samuel conducts church services for the children and the volunteers at our home at Hope for Mityana Street Children and Orphans. He helps guide us all to refuge and comfort in the Lord.

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