Water is an urgent crisis in Mityana!

The water crisis that affects all of Uganda began with a drought in 2015. The cause was global warming. Now, the people of Mityana are forced to walk miles or pay large fees for water to be delivered. Our natural, local water sources have dried up or become stagnant and contaminated. The contaminated water, combined with inadequate latrines, can spread terrible diseases, including Covid-19.

Our orphanage cannot afford the cost of clean water for all of our children. We hope to establish a well as a permanent solution. Please consider funding us.

News coverage of the ongoing drought:

Fundraising Success!

Our November, 2020 Airfunding fundraiser was a success! Thanks to the generosity of the many who contributed, we were able to afford rent, food, and even organize a small Christmas celebration in December. Thanks to the Covid-19 outbreak, we have been unable to work to support ourselves, as we used to. We are very grateful … Continue reading Fundraising Success!


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