It was set up to reduce on the number of school drop outs especially orphans in Uganda through donating a piglet by donors and well wishers.
This project helps orphans and other vulnerable children in Uganda to fund their school requirements. And this is only when an orphan receives a piglet from well wishers or donors under this project.So, here, an orphan caters for it till when it produces and he, she sells the produced piglets and get some profits which he,she sells and the profits automatically goes on buying books, pens and pencils.This really reduces on the number of school drop outs of these children due to luck of such requirements.Since most most of these children are very poor and more so from poor families, they cant afford paying for such requirements.So, If you donate a piglet to any or many, please, it can create a great change. The project is working under Pat the child Aids organization.$29 helps an orphan by a piglet. Please, Join this project and we create a change.