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Our Struggle with the Coronavirus Pandemic

The crisis caused by Covid-19 has hit us hard. We are currently caring for 239 children, who have been abandoned or orphaned. The number of children seeking our help doubled thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, even as our sources of funding dried up. We were previously able to work in the local community and farm to support our house and the children who depend on us… but that is no longer an option, thanks to the impact of the virus. Tragically, our primary benefactor also recently passed away from Covid-19.

We need your help! Your donations will go directly to providing shelter, food and clean water to children who have been left to the streets or orphaned by Covid-19, HIV and poverty.  

Do something Save someone’s life

I didn’t count, but I read that there are over 2,000 references to the poor in the Bible. That speaks volumes—literally.How close it must be to God’s heart if the Creator of the Universe encourages and instructs us so many times to care for the poor, the orphan, the widow and the afflicted.Once I dived … Continue reading Do something Save someone’s life

Cancer Disease

Hello, I’m NAMUGOSA HARIAT from busimbi railway and i was born in Mityana, am 8 years old. My mother told me that when i was just 1 year old, i started showing out cancer symptoms like as you can see some fun-gating wound in my neck. this scared my parents and friends so much. from … Continue reading Cancer Disease

Fundraising Success!

Christmas decorations! Our November, 2020 Airfunding fundraiser was a success! Thanks to the generosity of the many who contributed, we were able to afford rent, food, and even organize a small Christmas celebration in December. Thanks to the Covid-19 outbreak, we have been unable to work to support ourselves, as we used to. We are … Continue reading Fundraising Success!

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