Hello, I’m NAMUGOSA HARIAT from busimbi railway and i was born in Mityana, am 8 years old. My mother told me that when i was just 1 year old, i started showing out cancer symptoms like as you can see some fun-gating wound in my neck. this scared my parents and friends so much. from that time, i have been suffering from this disease up to now and i thank the Lord who have been with me since i was born and i thank my parents too because they have been working hard so that i can get some treatment and am still breathing. i thank our Community Based Organization (Hope for mityana street children and orphans), this organization has really tried it’s level best to support me and my parents unfortunately they have over 200 children to take care of. my parents and the organization have been spending more than $320.00 per week so that i can get treatment and other basic needs and it seems like at this time they have failed to get this money again per week because my parents are jobless and some of members in organization earn lettle or no money per month, so my dearest brothers and sisters there, on my knees i request for help please so that i can go on getting treatment and other basic needs. Wish someone come out to sponsor me. i’m like other children please don’t isolate me. I can receive help through organization i mentioned above. or contact the director on Whats-app number +256708030026 or Email: mityanaorphans@gmail.com. May God bless and reward those who will come out to help.


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